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The Interactive Single Rulebook

The European Banking Authority (EBA) launched the interactive Single Rulebook, an on-line tool designed to facilitate navigation through the single set of harmonised prudential rules in the EU banking sector. The Single Rulebook aims at ensuring consistent application of the regulatory banking framework across the EU.


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  • EBA publishes results of the Basel III monitoring exercise as of 31 December 2013

    The European Banking Authority (EBA) published today its sixth report of the Basel III monitoring exercise on the European banking system. This exercise, run in parallel with the one conducted by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) at a global level, allows the gathering of aggregate results on capital, liquidity (liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) and net stable funding ratio (NSFR)) and leverage ratios for banks in the European Union (EU).

    11/09/2014 - Press releases

  • EBA publishes final templates for the 2014 EU-wide stress test

    The European Banking Authority (EBA) published today the final templates for the 2014 EU-wide stress test. These are common templates for all EU banks and illustrate the type and the format of data that will be disclosed on a bank by bank basis. The EBA will act as the central data hub for all EU banks providing a comprehensive dataset in an editable and user-friendly format. By disclosing data in a consistent and comparable way across the Single Market, the EBA will bring greater transparency to EU banks, contributing to enhanced market discipline of the entire EU banking sector.

    20/08/2014 - Press releases

  • EBA publishes new XBRL taxonomy for remittance of supervisory reporting as of 31 December 2014

    The European Banking Authority (EBA) published today a new XBRL taxonomy to be used by competent authorities for remittance of data under the EBA Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) on supervisory reporting. The new taxonomy will have as reference date 31 December 2014 onwards and will be used for the first reports on asset encumbrance and funding plans. The new taxonomy presents the data items, business concepts, relations, visualisations and validation rules described by the EBA Data Point Model (DPM) which are contained in the ITS on supervisory reporting and in the EBA Guidelines on definitions and templates on funding plans.

    18/08/2014 - Press releases

  • EBA welcomes the publication of the European Commission report on the operation of the ESFS

    The European Commission published today its Report on the operation of the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) and the European System of Financial Supervision (ESFS). The report recognises the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the three European Supervisory Authorities in contributing to restoring confidence in the financial sector and promoting the Single Rulebook. It also identifies areas where adjustments might be needed in order to improve and strengthen the functioning of the current institutional set up, also in light of the establishment of the Banking Union.

    08/08/2014 - News

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